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's the best fireworks i've seen here in the united states united states. >> live is always better. at home you can't cap purchase the spirit the way you can live. >> reporter: a historic moment. 75 years the golden gate has stood tall and proud in the san francisco bay. >> this is history in the making. 75 years of the golden gate bridge. it's nice to be part of it. >> it's majestic, i love it. we take it for granted but it's a beautiful part of the bay area. what else can you ask for? >> reporter: the bridge has deep symbolism for those who have laid eyes on it. love, prosperity, dedication. the golden gate touches people's hearts in different ways. >> we definitely see our family, it symbolizes an active family. >> my heart is here. it's got a lot of meaning behind it. >> reporter: families, friends, and those who have recently fallen in love. there's something special about this bridge. even a 6-year-old girl can sum up her feelings in one word. >> awesome. >> reporter: awesome is right. as for the 100th anniversary in 2037, i overheard people already making plans for it. a 10-year-old boy
of singapore. a move that will significantly reduce his taxes in the united states. that news has outraged facebook users across this country. facebook is valued at nearly $100 billion. the l.a. time said his stake in the company is about 4% so do the math on that. and about $4 billion give or take a few. a lot. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. "saturday night live" is up next and will farrell is hosting and the musical guest, usher. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> vigs president biden still in there? >> yes, 34r presidemr. presiden. >> joe, it's me, barack. >> you mean president jerk face? >> coming in, joe.
ville mar was attacked when he was attacked with an improvised device and flown back to the united states yesterday. this picture was taken of his flag-draped casket as it arrived in delaware. he graduateed from high school in salinas in 2008. the mayor said he is the eighth sa lynn as area native to be killed in rack and afghanistan. >> a suspect is dead and a vallejo pd is investigating. police shot and killed an ton baretta after a high speed chase. the car stopped because of flat tires. they pulled what turned out to be a card case from his waist band. he was a good father who worked for 50 years as a supervisor at a napa winery. >> when you are talking about fractions of seconds, there is not a lot of time to assess. they have to react or put themselves or others in harm. >> nobody's perfect. he had a dui and that's why he ran. he didn't want to go back. >> barrett did have a criminal record that includes five felonies and he was on probation. thursday night police shot and killed another man who allegedly threatened them with what turned out to be a bb gun. >> we have late ne
karzai. the agreement spells out what the united states' role in the future will be like. this is the president's third trip to afghanistan. >>> a mother dying of cancer pleads with a bay area company. what she convinced them to do in hopes of prolonging her life. >>> going public. and it's sooner than you think. what we learned tonight about the facebook ipo. >>> and the bay area start-up that lets you become a fashion star and make a fist full of cash at the same time. >>> a cooling breeze out of the west today. dropping temperatures some 20 degrees from this weekend. all the way down to 49 in san jose. we'll stay with that trend of 60 >>> a lifeline for a mother dying of cancer. desperate and determined to have more time with her 11-year-old son. she turned to youtube for help. tonight, a bay area company released the drug early, just for her. >> here i am. i'm 46 years old. >> reporter: she is in constant pain and can barely eat. but on this day, darlene used what little energy she had, to write birthday cards for her son, cameron. >> it's sad that cancer has taken my
to the united states. today finished in the top ten. >>> speak ufg ting of kentucky . what's going on, hi, henry? >> hello, diane. dizzy day in sports. the oakland as go to extra innings in tampa. could they end up with a win against the best team in baseball? but first, a cinco de mayo spectacular. giants looking to snap a four-game losing streak. could he be the stoppe that isth next from xfinity spos desk. what'll it be? i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order s
her bills, she decided to sell this car, a 1999 ferrari spider. 1 of only 199 built in the united states. a collector car she purchased originally as an investment. do you feel they stole your car? >> yes. they did steal my car. >> reporter: she took her car to stevens creek auto mall. the ferrari had a market value at the time of $95,000. if the dealership found a buyer, she agreed to accept just $70,000. >> if we lose our business, some of our residents may not have homes to go to. what my mom does is not a gift that many people are able to provide. if she loses that, that's why i came to you. >> reporter: more than six months after staking the ferrari to the dealership, the family found her car on ebay. and the v.i.n. matched exactly. by all indications, the collector car was sold to a dealer in florida. the contract here says you're supposed to have the money within 20 days of sale. do you have the money? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: why not? >> he kept the money. >> reporter: the family's frustration grew after taking their story and documentation to san jose police, to santa
and encouraging to hear the vice president of the united states speaking in support of equality, equal respect, dignity and validation for all of our citizens in terms of marriage equality. so this is good news today. >> reporter: this issue comes just two days before voters in north carolina weigh in on a constitution alban on gay marriage. >>> walnut creek is hoping the force is with it, the city hoping to lure filmmaker george lucas across the bay. he pulled his plan to build a new studio and nbc bay area explains what the move might mean. >> i saw "star wars" in the theaters in '77. ever since, every kid is a star wars fan. how could you not be stoked to hear lucas is bringing his stuff over here? >> reporter: it's a big maybe. the idea is for lucas films to build a production studio in walnut creek. a few days ago city leaders wrote a letter detailing the perks of the 240-acre shade lands business park. they haven't heard back. but mayor simmons says walnut creek is perfect, with a claim to innovation fame. >> the human genome was first mapped in walnut creek in a place not far from where
in the western united states. >> it's a phenomenal event. it reminds you how amazing the universe really is. >> reporter: those here at the observatory say the best way to look at the eclipse is actually to not look directly at it, that is, unless you have some special glasses or some of the high-tech and low-tech equipment provided by the space and science center. >> beautiful. beautiful. yes, thrilling. doesn't happen very often either. we need to stop and take the time to do things like this more often. >> reporter: the last time this happened was in 1994. the next time it will happen is in 2023. >> it's really fun to see it. >> i feel like i don't want to look away. >> reporter: right now is an exciting time for astronomy. there's an astronomical triple play going on, so to speak. tonight the annular eclipse. june 4th, a lunar eclipse. june 5th, the transit of venus which only happens once every 105 years. >> just beautiful. rob and i ran outside after the 6:00 news to watch it and i was surprised how bright it was still out there. >> yeah, even about 15% of the sun will keep the skies
't tell the story of judo in the united states without mentioning yosha's name more than a few times. >> this is the first olympic judo team. >> he was not only the coach on america's very first olympic judo squad in 1964, he spearheaded changes to the very rules of competitive judo that paved the way for it to become an olympic sport in the first place. >> i changed the whole structure. of course, i was not the most popular guy but once we started that, that's how it went. >> meanwhile at san jose state, yosh was busy building a judo juggernaut, more than 40 national titles to their credit. for the past half century, if you are serious about judo in america, you seriously consider being koched by yosh. >> they want to make the olympic team. >> and many of them have. although if there is one hole in yosh's lengthy resume, it's olympic gold. no american judo athlete has brought one of those home. at least not yet. and for not much longer, if marty malloy has a say. >> you'll getedly. >> for the past five years, yosh has taught her, guided her and criticized her on her way to the 2012
preached about love and mercy and said the president is not the pastor of the united states. >>> today on nbc's "meet the press," lieutenant governor gavin newsom weighed in on the historic stand president obama has taken on gay marriage and the impact it could have on the race for the white house. >> millions of people's lives were affirmed, not just gays and lesbianeds but their brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and the like. there was substance there, their lives were validated. these are people that were afraid to tell folks who they love, who they are. now they have a president that's behind them. >> as the mayor of san francisco back in 2004, you remember newsom directed city officials to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. this past wednesday, the president announced his support for gay marriage. while republican presidential hopeful mitt romney continues to oppose it. the chair of the republican national committee was also on "meet the press." he told nebraska's david gregory at this point, he's not sure if it's going to be a defining issue in november. >>> it is
with yet another reduction in revenues from the state of california. but remain committed to negotiating with our teachers' bargaining unit, to come to agreement. >> we're asking for fair compensation for benefits. benefits have decreased in 40% in the past two years ago. >> teachers claim the state has enough reserves to give them a raise. >>> the zodiac killer finally unmasked. he is so confident in his belief, he has authored a book. he claims the zodiac is a 91-year-old man. he claims he identified him decades ago but was stalled by so-called power brokers. >>> murders, thieves, hoodlums, all arrested during a massive crime fighting sweep in the east bay. 32 people wanted for serious crimes in police custody tonight, after 18 officers rounded up several guns. there's more work to be done. >> we attempted 123 services. and we found 32. so, if you do the math, it's 90-something that are still left. >> no one was injured during the three-day sweep. chief jordan said the department won't be able to take part in future sweeps. saying it and the city can no longer afford to participate. >>
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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